About Us

What is Brazilian Zouk?

A social dance form from Brazil, Zouk makes you feel happy and alive. With lots of body rolls and isolations, head movement, and hair whips, the dance is sensual and intimate but also creative and fun. Zouk is immensely empowering in its collaborative approach to dancing, one in which both leads and follows have an equal voice in directing the movement and flow of the dance, and because of that, dancing Zouk becomes a breathtakingly fulfilling experience.

Who are we?

Our community is welcoming, fun-loving, and incredibly accepting. We offer classes in Ann Arbor and Troy but we have members who live all over Michigan, and we come from a plethora of backgrounds. No prior dance experience or athletic ability required - we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You don’t need to bring a partner, but feel free to bring all your friends. We’re excited to see you there!